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the wasps



Formed in February 1976 The Wasps were one of London’s earliest punk bands. They were regulars at The Roxy, The Bridge House etc. and soon built a large following.

In November 1977 their first single ‘Teenage Treats’ was released on the 4-Play label. Reviewed in the NME as "great single" by Bob Geldof, the single is a marvellous example of ’77 punk rock and now highly collectable. A month later, The Wasps appeared on the ‘Live At The Vortex’ album. Recorded in October ’77 their track ‘Can’t Wait ‘Till ‘78’ was chosen as the lead track for a split single with Mean Streets who included a young Gary Numan! In mid ’78 the band played a gig at The Bells in Kings Cross, London. During their set a fan was set upon by over zealous bouncers who thought he’d let off a firework, beat him up and he consequently died. Their snd 7” ‘Rubber Cars’ was released to much acclaim and a TV company wanted to make an animated series based upon the band. Suddenly The Wasps were hot property and former managers filed writs causing RCA to pull the plug on ‘Rubber Cars’, despite it being RCA’s biggest selling single of the week! The disappointment and the legal problems caused the band to split. Yeah! Finally on vinyl the anthology of all their tracks!!!