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DEMOS 1982


Diaframma were the best italian post punk band of the early 80’s, they came from Florence, the city that was the most important center of new wave music of the period.

Other local bands was Litfiba, Pankow, Neon, Moda, Polyactive, Karnak and many others. In the wake of the English decadent dark-rock, strongly influenced by Joy Division, in 1982 they recorded their first single, “Pioggia / Illusione Ottica” (Italian Records). The beautiful lyrics of the poet/guitarist Federico Fiumani push the group among the most popular on the italian scene of the time. Followed by the split 7”, “Circuito Chiuso” (Free/Industrie Discografiche Lacerba-1982) and the Mlp “Altrove” (Contempo-1983), which confirm the remarkable ability of the quartet (Gianni Cicchi on drums, Leandro Cicchi on bass, Federico Fiumani on guitar and Nicola Vannini on vocals ). After several performances in clubs in the main italian venues, often together with Litfiba, and the removal of Vannini (replaced by Miro Sassolini), Diaframma recorded, in 1984 for the independent label IRA, ‘Siberia’, an album that sold 50,000 copies, a huge sales success for the band that continue to play, with various changing of music styles and line-up ‘til now. This anthology contains different studio versions of their most famous tracks of the early days. If you are a fan of early UK post punk, you will be suprised to listen this AMAZING italian underground band. Limited edition to 500 copies + original 1982 poster of the band!!!!